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Aharon Jinjihashvili is an Israeli/Canadian filmmaker and actor known for his dynamic storytelling and commitment to cinematic excellence. Graduating from Tel Aviv’s esteemed “Camera Obscure” Film School, Aharon has been a prominent figure in the industry for almost two decades.

Since immigrating to Canada in 2015 and continuing his education at “InFocus Film School” in Vancouver, Aharon has made significant strides in his career. He co-founded "Pink One Productions", an independent film production house based in Hamilton, Ontario, dedicated to pushing creative boundaries.

Aharon's directorial achievements include producing and directing the acclaimed television show "Pink Is In" for Bell FibeTV1, featuring esteemed Canadian actors such as Jane Eastwood, Elley Ray Hennesy, and Patrick McKenna. Through his directorial vision and guidance, Aharon has elevated the cast's performances, resulting in three Canadian Screen Award nominations for their outstanding performances. Additionally, the show has garnered a third consecutive ACTRA Best Ensemble Award nomination, further highlighting Aharon's ability to cultivate exceptional talent.

Leveraging his expertise in directing and method acting, Aharon collaborates closely with actors, guiding them to refine their craft and master the nuances of on-camera performance.

These accolades underscore Aharon's talent and dedication to his craft, solidifying his reputation as a visionary filmmaker in the Canadian landscape.


"There is a moment, when a character stays on the paper and all we are left with is the person and their most venerable form. That point is where we stop acting and begin reacting."

That is what "Back 2 One" is all about, to train you how to get to the moment of release. A gym for actors to make their craft better.

This is not an acting school this is a place where you learn how to react from within.

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